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Finest Pianos for Your Home

Select your favorite piano from a wide array of manufacturers in the U.S., as well as other countries. You can call us today or visit our showroom to see our exclusive piano collection. Check out our acoustic pianos, PianoDisc player piano systems, and digital pianos. If you're looking for a digital piano, try out Kawai. They have world-class performance level pianos at an affordable price range.

Classy, hand-crafted acoustic pianos

Under acoustic pianos, we have Mason & Hamlin, the world's finest piano. It's a hand-crafted American made instrument out of Boston since 1855. This beautiful piano is the best-kept secret in the piano world.

Quality instruments at affordable prices

Try Samick, an affordable, good-quality instrument that comprises beauty, sound, and value. We also carry pianos from  Kohler & Campbell and Charles R. Walter.

Trust the exclusive dealer for a 5-state area for the world's finest American-made pianos, Mason & Hamlin.


Rely on our licensed and insured piano company.

Want to get the ideal piano for your home? Call us now!

Bring your piano to life

Get a PianoDisc player piano system, an installable add-on to your acoustic piano, that will bring your piano to life! Turn your piano into a player piano and have a musical performance reproduced on your piano keys. Our factory trained specialists at Gitz Music Co. can effectively install your PianoDisc player.

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